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Castimo is a leader in the production of porous resin products for the global ceramic market. The porous resin that we produce is using German technology and has been especially developed for the needs of the ceramic industry that takes advantage of high pressure casting. Castimo’s ability to respond to the challenges and requirements of our customers , creates innovative solutions and constantly improves our products and services.

Castimo with its headquarter in Germany and production facilities in Turkey is a global producer of porous resin and able to deliver worldwide.

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About Us

Castimo has a wide range of products and services, with which you can easily supply all your industry-related needs from a single point.

Customer satisfaction is the basic principle of Castimo.

Dr. rer. nat. Markus Fettig

Castimo was founded by Dr. rer. nat. Markus Fettig in 2011. By now, Castimo is one of the leading manufacturers and dealers of casting materials. With a strong specialization on the production of porous resin, Castimo offers also additional products and services needed in the ceramic industry.

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