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One of the reasons for CASTIMO’s success is its innovative power. Our products respond to our customers demands with systematic research and quality controls that we constantly develop.

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Company Profile

CASTIMO has established all production and after sales support organizations to provide the best service to its customers. All of our employees work from a professional point of view in the sector with this awareness.


Castimo, in addition to its experience in the ceramics sector, has always aimed to adapt to developing technologies. Therefore, Castimo group consists of three companies;

Castimo GmbH
Castimo Kimya LTD. ŞTİ.

Board of Directors

CASTIMO Group was found by Dr. rer. nat Markus Fettig and Jens Fettig in 2011. The company’s headquarter is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Production plant is located in Sarnıç / İzmir Turkey.

Research and Development

CASTIMO R & D department has been established to provide the improvements and products needed by our customers with the best quality at all times. Our customers can benefit from CASTIMO R & D department in their development processes. In addition to making special production for our customers, we can make new product developments according to your demands.

Dr. rer. nat. Markus Fettig

Castimo was founded by Dr. rer. nat. Markus Fettig in 2011. By now, Castimo is one of the leading manufacturers and dealers of casting materials. With a strong specialization on the production of porous resin, Castimo offers also additional products and services needed in the ceramic industry.

At CASTIMO our top priority is providing high quality products combined with outstanding customer service – after all, our customers are the reason we exist. For that reason, Castimo has designed its production processes and its after-sales support with the clear objective of providing the best products and services to its customers. We seek to build lasting relationships with our customers and we are committed to support them at all times, as they adapt to changes in their business. Many years of experience with the production of our products ensures best results for our customers.

Each product is committed to quality and our vision to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers around the world through cost effectiveness and reliability. Our customers constantly face competition and we want to support them with that as best as possible. With branches in Germany and Turkey and a global delivery capability Castimo serves customers globally within all industries. Combining German technology with domestic production, enables us to offer high-quality products, short delivery times and the option to order low-scale quantities.

As a driver of innovation Castimo delivers solutions that increase the production capacity of our customers and standardizes existing processes