Ceramic Repair Kits

CASTİMO B.S.C. Ceramic Repair Kits

Scratches and cracks are a thing of the past with Castimo Body Surface Crack ceramic repair kit, which is used to repair small chips, nicks, scratches and cracks in countertops and sinks at your home, workplace or other area of use.

With Castimo B.S.C. you can easily repair surface cracks, small chips nicks and scratches that occur in your sink or kitchen counter. With the colour options specific to the colour of the surface you want to repair and it’s easy to use feature, scratches and cracks will no longer be a problem for you. The product package contains all the materials and equipment you will need for the surface that needs to be repaired.

Try repairing your marble, granite, ceramic and porcelain surfaces instead of replacing them.

You can order our products from the www.castimo.com website or contact us by phone